Adelaide Branch Opening Soon

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Club founder Mistress Jane available now in Sydney branch, pre-booking is required. Website:

Mistress Jane Melbourne tour from 28th Feb to 10th March, Brisbane tour from 10th March, pre-booking is required.

Welcome super hot foot goddess mistress Christina and Jasmine joined in Sydney branch!

Mistress Elisa available in Brisbane branch from 23rd February.

Mistress Daisy available now in Melbourne branch at this stage, pre-booking is required.

Mistress Jane, Christina and Jasmine avaliable now in Sydney branch at this stage, pre-booking is required.

Sydney branch located at Strathfield 8 minutes walk from the Strathfield Station and 2 hours free parking off the street.

Melbourne branch located at CBD just 2 minutes walk from the Flagstuff Station, 6 minutes walk from Central Station and plenty parking off the street.

Brisbane branch located at CBD just 3 minutes walk from the Roma St Station and plenty parking off the street.


To make a booking with any of our fabulous mistress, you need to phone 0410911502 between the hours of 10am to midnight Monday to Sunday and public holidays.

Note: We do not answer private numbers and do not ask for sex including offering oral!

Sydney Branch Phone No: 0410911502

Melbourne Branch Phone No: 0414759014

Brisbane Branch Phone No: 0405145122

WeChat: 61410911502



A good experience with a Dominatrix would be one of mutual respect and enjoyment, you ought to be able to relax in the knowledge that they have your best interests at heart and that your family jewels, your deepest, darkest fantasy and your health are safe in their hands. Any session provided by an Asian Mistress Club Dominatrix is one she will have trained to do. We do not provide extreme or dangerous sessions (if you are looking for this then you will need to look elsewhere). You give us information about your desired session and we take it, mold it, and fulfill it with you – safely, sanely and with your consent.


This disclaimer is to cover the misuse of the term ‘training’ by any party other than someone who is currently working through or with The Asian Mistress Club. From time to time there may be those who work with us for a short time and learn a small amount and then head off to set themselves up as “Fully Trained by Mistress Jane”

If you wish to book with someone claiming to be trained by us then by all means contact us and check. It may be that they are extremely good at what they do and decided to work privately or somewhere else, with which we have no problem and will always give honest and unbiased information. The Asian Mistress Club welcomes healthy competition, just not blatant misuse of its good name. This disclaimer is posted in the interests of safe, sane and consensual. All Female participants on this site are over the age of 18.


Feedback is very important for us to improve our services, we are always expect positive feedback. If you are unsatisfied with any of our mistress or services then don't be hesitate and let us know, we will take the matter seriously and try our best to solve the problems.